NANOPOROUS IRON OXIDE demonstrates OFF-THE-CHART SPEED remediating Phosphate (Phosphate being a main ingredient in Storm Water Pollution):
  • In side-by-side Remediation Performance Tests - Nanoporous Iron Oxide remediated more Phosphate in 1 MINUTE than the industry-standard iron-based sorbent (Bayoxide® E33) remediated in 24 HOURS!

  • Environ. Sci.: Water Res. Technol. 2015,1,96 - reported Bayoxide® E33 remediating 66% Phosphate in 2 hours. (In YouTube video below, Nanoporous Iron Oxide remediated >66% Phosphate in under 4 minutes [twice] and reached 93% remediation in 18 minutes; Bayoxide® E33 was unresponsive.)

  • Independent ICPMS Lab Tests - and existing published research indicate Nanoporous Iron Oxide also remediates Toxic Heavy Metals, including LEAD, at similar speeds.

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NANOPOROUS IRON OXIDE 200% OUTPERFORMS Industry-Standard for remediating Nickel (Nickel being a main ingredient in Toxic Heavy Metal Water Pollution):

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Technology Development Summary:
  • MILITARY-GRADE TECHNOLOGY - Proprietary Nanostructured Synthesis Technology originally developed adjunct to a 1998 USAF SBIR.

  • COMMERCIALLY UNEXPLORED NICHE - Nanostructured Synthetic Sorbents are a new and emerging class of materials that "have shown some very promising features, but they are basically [an] unexplored [new type of sorbent]...." S. Deng, New Mexico State University (2006).

  • UNLIKE NANOPARTICLES, OUR PARTICLES ARE SAFE - Our sorbent particles, having micron-range diameters +/-1,000X larger than nanoparticles, can safely be used in water pollution remediation applications (when used in conjunction with micron aperture membranes).

  • MFG SUCCESSFULLY SCALED - We've already done the hard part: developed a scaleable manufacturing process that increased output 100X
    (from 5 to 500 grams) while concurrently limiting batch-to-batch product quality variances. The process took 8 years and was 100% self-funded.

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