7/20/20:WORLD's 1st PFAS Flocculant
The World's 1st Flocculant for remediation of PFAS chemicals is now available in jar-testing sample sizes (25 grams: treats 1 US gallon) for testing in your application(s) from www.engineereddata.com. Cost is $39.00 plus S&H. Quantities are limited. To reserve yours, email inquiry@synthetic-metals.com with "Sample Request" in subject line, your "ship to" information in email body, and you will receive a PayPal invoice via email.

The efficacy of iron-based medias for remediation of PFAS has been proven by U.S. Academic & Chinese Researchers. Our iron-based medias are dramatically superior to the medias that these Researchers used due to our dramatically higher surface areas + porous particle architecture (see isotherms below). Research indicates our media is most effective against PFAS chemicals when pH of water being treated has been adjusted below 5.

Toxic Heavy Metals
Our NIO medias are effective against PFAS, PFOA + PFOS chemicals, and are estimated to be +/-17.5X more powderful than the media slurry that US Academic Researchers used.
Also referred to as RCRA8 Metals, our NIO Medias remediate Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Nickel, Selenium, Silver, Thallium, Zinc & likely Mercury too.
Even when given a 20X+ dosing handicap, our NIO Medias remediate more PO4 (found in stormwater pollution + algae tides) in 1 minute than NSF certified flocculants/sorbents can in 48 hours.
To view NIO's remediation speed compared against 32 other types of medias,

The Remediation SPEED + CAPACITY of Nanoparticles
The Remediation COST of Sorbents
The Particulate RECOVERY of Flocculants
  • MILITARY-GRADE Nanotechnology sourced from USAF-SBIR Research
  • NMSU identified nanostructured sorbents back in 2006 as having "very promising features" but being "basically unexplored" (still holds true today)
  • Conventional FLOCCULANTS remediate pollutants by Single-Function electrostasis
  • Conventional SORBENTS remediate pollutants by Single-Function aBsorption OR aDsorption
  • Patented NIO remediates pollutants by CONCURRENT Dual-Function aBsorption AND aDsorption delivering dramatically SUPERIOR REMEDIATION SPEED & CAPACITY
  • Remediates More Toxins in 1 minute than Conventional Flocculants/Sorbents (including those with NSF Certifications) can remediate in 48 hours

Nanoporous Iron Oxide (NIO) + Magnetic Iron (NMI)
NIO: "G" Grade
NIO: "C" Grade
NMI: "G"|"C" Grades
Chemistry: Fe2O3
Particle Size: LARGE
Isotherm: View
MIN Detention Time: 30 Mins
MAX Detention Time: 4 Hrs
PRICE 25 Grams: $79 USD
PRICE 100 Grams: $159 USD
PRICE 500 Grams: $469 USD
PRICE 1 Kg: $699 USD
Chemistry: Fe2O3
Particle Size: SMALL
Isotherm: View
MIN Detention Time: 40 Mins
MAX Detention Time: 3 Hrs
PRICE 25 Grams: $59 USD
PRICE 100 Grams: $115 USD
PRICE 500 Grams: $299 USD
PRICE 1 Kg: $499 USD

To get on our Production Schedule, send an email to inquiry@synthetic-metals.com